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Mastering the English language has become the new challenge of the xxi century motivated by, to a large extent, the continuous social and labour changes that have occurred lately throughout the world. Thus, the strong competition in both the personal and professional fields has motivated the approximation of the society to the language.

From this process emerges the present book, which aims to lead the reader in the learning and mastery of the English language. Throughout the development of eight teaching units with large and essential information, the student will be able to use the language fluently and efficiently in different situations, whether written or spoken, and will acquire a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures, which they can use to express themselves with self-confidence in different everyday conversations about general topics, current or related to the subject of specialization of the speaker.

The study of the contents of this work will provide the reader with the necessary training to attend the official certification exam of level B2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) focusing on writing, reading and oral comprehension supported by learning resources and exercises required to pass the exam successfully.

English B2

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