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In a constantly developing world, where information management grows increasingly important, English language has proven itself to be a paramount asset for human and labour relations. Thus, being able to conduct communications in English in different situations and contexts has turned out to be a priority for many people.

This book offers the reader the opportunity of further developing every linguistic skill necessary for the acquisition of an advanced English level. It is composed of eight units that comprise every linguistic dimension of the English language, along with cultural aspects and other issues related to communication.

The coalescence of these units will provide the reader with the key elements for the successful improvement of his or her knowledge of the English language. After studying this book, the reader will be able to engage in all kinds of situations in any context or area that requires understanding, producing and processing lengthy and complex oral and written texts. In addition, he or she may take the C1 level test of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

English C1

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